Virtual Magic Wand

This is the most popular service for sellers who live outside of New York City. Sellers from all over the world have been able to maximize their property value and sell their homes quickly with the Virtual Magic Wand Staging Service. This is what you’ll receive based on viewing the available photos, floor plan, and virtual tour:

  • One (1) hour phone analysis
  • A custom diagnosis specific to the property which identifies the target audience with the goal of creating a lifestyle brand that will appeal to the most amount of people
  • Tips for speedy ways to maximize property value
  • Ideas to highlight positive selling features and minimize flaws
  • A caffeinated jolt of what to do, how to do it and priorities
  • Abundant online resources so that the staging can be done quickly — you’ll receive a shopping list of what to buy online
  • Quick assessment of the first impression
  • An evaluation of items such as color, flow, furniture, accessories, style, cleaning, clutter, and condition
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